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Emperor Aviation

Emperor Aviation, based at Rand Airport, provides maintenance services on the Bell and Robinson product lines, and has certified engineers that have had factory training at the Bell Helicopter Textron and Robinson Helicopter company facilities in the USA.

EMPEROR Aviation specialises in helicopter refurbishments, ranging from total refurbishment of the exterior and interior of the helicopter to helicopter rebuilds. They work very closely with the service providers, namely Painting, Engine Overhauls and Avionics to manage the project to supplying a first class result.

Emperor Aviation is the official LORD distributor for 206B and 206L TT-straps in Africa, as well as an agent to supply LORD replacement parts. Furthermore, Emperor Aviation is an approved Robinson service centre.

Emperor Aviation’s engineers are component rated on the Bell 206B, 206L and 407 range and extra models are soon to be added. They have an extensive network of suppliers, allowing them to provide their customers with the best viable way to maintain their helicopters in the most competitive and cost-effective manner, essential in a demanding economy.

If you’re looking to buy a new or used helicopter, Emperor Aviation can also assist you to find the helicopter best suited to your needs, and carry out pre-purchase inspections all over the world to ensure the customer has options of purchases, not only in the African market, but worldwide. With more than 50 years’ combined experience in the helicopter industry, Paul, Jarrett, Trevor and their team of qualified engineers and admin staff look forward to welcoming you to the Emperor Aviation family!

Big news for Emperor Aviation in 2018 is that they are the first company in Africa to buy, install and fly the new Van Horn main rotor blades on the Bell 206B Jet Ranger. The Van Horn rotor blades bring new composite technology to the 206 market. Like the company’s successful 206B/L tail rotor blades, which have been available as an STC/PMA aftermarket component since 2009, the main rotor blades, which were FAA certified in 2016 and are now CAA certified, incorporate carbon fibre skin and spars, an efficient NASA-designed laminar-flow airfoil, and tapered tip. The corrosion-resistant composite design contains stainless steel and nickel abrasion strips that cover the entire length of the blade for erosion and lightning strike protection, while a single trim tab facilitates the track-and-balancing process.

Good news is that the Van Horn blades are approximately the same weight and dimensions as the OEM blades, and use the identical installation configuration, allowing direct replacement without hub modification. The Van Horn blades cost more or less as much as the standard Bell blades, but offer huge benefits. In addition to the improved efficiency in flight, due to improved corrosion resistance, the Van Horn blades have a 18,000-hour service life – more than triple the life of the OEM blades, which require replacement after 5,000 hours. Overhauls, which entail replacement of grips, root bolts/nuts and bushings, are required every 2,800 hours.

Emperor Aviation fitted the Van Horn blades on ZS-HCZ during a rebuild. Paul Sankey, Emperor Aviation CEO, says, “The installation is straight forward, and the blades track and balance like a dream. They performed well in the autorotation envelop and seemed more responsive than the standard Bell 206 blades.”

Emperor Aviation has a strong relationship with Van Horn Aviation, and can order the blades directly from the company, saving time and money.